Regression Therapy, Hypnosis & Phototherapy allow you to explore why you are here & deeply connect with who you are.
It is a healing journey that gives you the opportunity to resolve your past, clear your energy & create positive change.
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We all have the power within us to become free from that which holds us back from being content and sincerely happy.

But all too often, the negative energies or emotions that we hold on to like fear or guilt, anger, revenge, sadness or shame, cause us to be powerless and dysfunctional to varying degrees.

Over time, stress and disease can often be symptoms of these negative emotions and memories that are buried in our unconscious.

If you could resolve your past and transform your negative emotions, how would that change you? 

Imagine if you could clear heavy emotions and blockages that hold you back and create a healthy balance of emotions within yourself.

Or maybe you would like to explore your past to gain a deeper understanding of yourself?

It is through this journeying of exploration that we can find self-acceptance and inner peace.

When we consider that we are all shaped by our previous experiences, it becomes clear how unresolved past experiences can affect us emotionally and physically. 

Regression Therapy can focus on events beyond our current life awareness, working on the origins of trapped energy. Similarly, the focus can be on resolving current life traumas and also plays a big part in the healing of childhood experiences.

The combination of Regression Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy is a good treatment for -

Anxiety and Panic attacks, Depression and negative thinking, Phobias, Grief and Loss, Trauma and Post-traumatic stress disorders, Relationship problems, Insomnia and nightmares, Confidence and Self-esteem, Self-harming, IBS or Chronic fatigue syndrome, Eating disorders and much more. 

I have a comfortable therapy room in Weobley, Herefordshire where I do group sessions and one to one sessions, including Skype sessions. 

 I am fully insured and all of the sessions are completely confidential.


Leon Feasey Dip Hyp, Dip RTh, 

Clinical Hypnotherapist


Regression Therapist

Spirit Release Practitioner

Inner Child Therapist

Life Between Lives Practitioner

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The U.K.
Tel: 01544 318407

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Available Sessions
One to one & Skype
  • Hypnotherapy

  • Current Life Regression

  • Bereavement and loss 

  • Talk Therapy

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Past Life Regression

  • Life Between Lives Regression

  • Spirit Release Therapy

  • Group Sessions.

healing the past
healing the past

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healing the past
healing the past

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We are rooted in the soil of our past, from which we produce both negative & positive experiences.

As we resolve the experiences that troubled us,

we are no longer shaped by them.

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