About me and my work

Leon Feasey, Dip Hyp Dip Rht 

Clinical Hypnotherapist


Regression Therapist

Spirit release Practitioner

Inner Child Therapist

Life Between Lives Practitioner

My Qualifications

Clinical Hypnosis, Fndn 

Hypnotherapy Masters, Dip

Group Hypnosis, Dip

Regression Hypnotherapy, Fndn 

Regression Therapy, Dip

Advanced, Energy Clearing, Cert

Emotional Freedom Technique, Dip 

Spirit Release Therapy, Cert

Life Between Lives, Dip

Inner Child Psychotherapy, Dip

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Cert

Gestalt Therapy, Cert

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Cert

Treatment for Complex PTSD, Cert

Psychoanalysis, Dip

How it started for me


When I was a young boy, I had a deep fascination with who we are and why we are here. Being clairvoyant gave me an insight into death and an understanding of spirit at a young age. As I grew up, I quickly realized that few people shared my comfort with death and spirits, many of them actually feared it to the point of it being detrimental to their comfort and well being.

 I spent my early years trying to share my understandings of the afterlife and death, with the intention of relieving people's fear of being alone, losing loved ones or the scary thought of death being the end. This often set me apart and they labelled me as a bit 'out there.

So, as a young adult wanting to fit in, I suppressed my sensitivity to the spirit world and only shared my thoughts with those who would not mock me. 


As the years passed, I studied psychology, Energy healing, the esoteric and spirit communication at every opportunity. Understanding how healing this can be, I decided to learn all I could about metaphysics and the psychology of the human mind.


I joined spiritual development circles and studied extensively in spirit communication, Hypnosis, Regression, psychotherapy and life between lives regression.

 I trained professionally at the international  Past Life Regression Academy.

 Its mission is to "teach ways of healing a client's soul". The techniques work on all energetic levels of the mind, body and soul and provide the integration and alignment of energies and full healing by going to the source issue. 


In recent years, I have run groups for spiritual development and spirit communication, I also run workshops for Inner journeying and Meditation, Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Regression.

I have a passion to help people on their journey, and I love to share this knowledge with people; I have found it healing and empowering in many ways.

 In getting to know my clients, I feel honoured to be part of their journey of discovery and healing, it is very rewarding and I enjoy my work immensely.

I have a comfortable therapy room for groups and one to one sessions near Hereford, where I provide a relaxed and professional service.


This is a 7-minute clip from my interview with Devin from SpirLift. Talking about past lives and life between lives.

 This is the full 40-minute interview with Devin from SpirLift. Talking about regression therapy, trauma and how it can be healed.

In my interview with Vishnu, from Ziro Point Healing, we discuss how, Regression therapy, exploring past lives and life between lives brings inner peace and self-acceptance.

In this 2 hour interview with Angie Lathem, from Soul Collective we discuss Soul contracts and karmic relationships, Grief & Loss, what happens when we die and life between lives.


My Interview for Loop magazine

By Harry Flook

 Harry, Q:- Can you tell us about your belief system, and how you came to it?


Leon, A:- For me, a belief starts with opinions and the possible facts that are presented to you. You could either believe them and take a leap of faith or you could disbelieve them. 

I tend to believe what seems to be the most credible, from my direct understanding of the situation. If I come across new information that shows me I was wrong in my belief, that then gives me the opportunity to embrace a more accurate understanding.

A bit like, if my car broke down, I might believe that there’s something wrong with the engine until the mechanic is able to point out to me that it's only a faulty fuel gauge and that I ran out of fuel.

If you were to ask me “Do I believe that consciousness survives death?” I would say that for me it’s less of a belief and more of an understanding of how things work. 

A bit like how it’s not a belief that, when I turn on the light switch, the light will come on - It is more of a knowing how it does or doesn't work, from experience.

Harry, Q: -That's an interesting way of putting it, I suppose we all come to our beliefs through experience. Though I imagine you'd agree that your beliefs are unconventional. Were there any specific experiences that encouraged you to explore your beliefs around life and death so deeply? 

Leon, A: -As a young lad, my way of seeing the world was normal to me.

It was only as I got older that I realised that not only did other people not feel comfortable with death and dying, but they were scared of it as if it was the end. Being clairvoyant at a young age, I knew death to be something quite different from what most people portrayed it as, so I found myself trying to share my understanding with people, which was often met with scepticism and challenging questions.  

As I got older, I studied and practised mediumship, but I always felt there was more to it than bringing messages to people from their grandparents or helping lost souls that have become earthbound. I wanted to understand who we are as souls and why we are here.

This question led me to study near-death experiences, the spontaneous past-life recall of children and hypnotic past life regression.

The compelling evidence from these subjects brought up so many questions for me about our journey through life and the afterlife, and I wanted to understand it all. 

As I explored this over the years, I came to understand the journey we are on as souls.  I found myself with a sense of peace within, a peace that I felt was important to share with people. That inspired me to train professionally as a Regression Therapist and a Life-Between-Lives practitioner.


Harry, Q: -I'm particularly interested in your role as a regression therapist. Can you talk briefly about what it is and the method you use? 

Leon, A: -Life-Between-Lives focuses on the time we spend in the spirit realms, pre-birth. 

In deep hypnosis, I guide my clients through the death of a past life and into the light realms where they meet with loved ones, spirit guides, wise beings of light, and their soul family.  On this journey, people often find the answers to many questions that are relevant to their current life. Some want to know their intended life purpose, some people just like to explore,  while others may want to know why they have difficult challenges in life and to learn how to resolve them.

This journey often brings a lot of self-acceptance and as you can imagine, changes how clients feel about death and dying, not because I have told them about it, but because they have experienced it. 

Many clients express that their Life-between-Lives experience is comforting to them and transformative, it helps them because they experience where we go when we die.

Inner Sight Therapy Room in Weobley


The Evolving Soul


Past lives are varied and rich, with lessons from which we can evolve as souls.

The wide range of challenges that we face serve us well so that we can become wiser, stronger and more loving of ourselves and others. 


Like a child learns through experience how to deal with emotions and understand the difference between right and wrong, we too as souls are evolving in the same way, through experiencing many lives. We cannot cheat this school of life, for this would be cheating ourselves. As souls, we cherish these lessons, gaining a deeper understanding through the human experience. 


Just as a child would be an incomplete adult if they were to miss out on adolescence, we souls need many different lives to learn from, so that we too can become complete. When you see an arrogant, greedy person succumbing to all their vices, ask yourself

"Where are they on their soul path of learning? "

"What lesson do they still need to understand fully what they are doing? "


When a child snatches a toy from another child and screams "Mine!" in a selfish rage, we do not hold it against them, for we understand the process of maturing from experience. We recognise the need for learning how to deal with our emotions. 


As the passing years mature the child,

many lives mature the soul, and it is the bravest of souls that choose a life of oppression or illness, for they have taken on the more advanced class in the school of life. 



Leon Feasey 2016




A Soul's Journey


There was a soul whose time had come to take human birth.

And so it went to the great cavern in the infinite void, where all such souls went.

In the cavern, there were hundred's of thousands of souls,

each manifesting as a small blue flame


When it's time came, the Soul stood up and said "My time has come to take human incarnation, for I have work to do, and have lessons to learn.

In my life as a human, I shall need family and loving friends to help me, to love me and nurture me. Who will be my friends and family on earth?" 


A ripple flickered across thousands of flames and shortly, a few stood forward and said 

"We do not know you, we have not met before and are strangers but being kind and giving love is a pleasant and easy task.

We will be some of your friends and family on earth".


The Soul spoke again and said "And on Earth, I shall need teachers, people to guide me, to correct me and discipline me. Who will be my teachers? "


Again, a ripple went around the assembled flames, and a group came forward and said

" We have known you in other lives, and we have grown to respect and like you; 

We will take on the task of being some of your teachers in this life". 


And a third time the Soul spoke and said "And on Earth if I am to learn the greatest lessons of all, the lessons of humility, tolerance under provocation,

and to love those who hate me, I shall need enemies;

I need people to hate me, abuse me and do violence against me.

Who will do this for me? Who will be my enemies on Earth? "


There was a long pause in the cavern until at last a small group came forward and said we are your Soul group. We have known and loved you over aeons of time, and your growth and learning are as dear to us as our own;

This is the most delicate and difficult of tasks and if you are to be hurt and abused, it is better done by loving friends.

We will be your enemies on earth.









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meting-with your-spirit guide

"When we change the way we look at the world,

the world around us changes."

~ Wayne Dyer~