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~ Testimonials ~

This is what some clients have written about their experiences.

This is a valuable source of information about the therapy for me and for my future clients.


If you feel comfortable sharing your experience at the bottom of this page I would be grateful for your input.

Here is what has been said

I had the most amazing experience on Saturday . It's something I have wanted to explore for a long time and now was that moment. 
I had a 7 hour 'Life between Lives' deep hypnotherapy regression session with at least 3 of those hours with me being in a deep trance communicating about past lives that I have had , the reason why I am so attracted to certain people and places and what my Soul's blueprint was for this present incarnation

So many questions have been answerd (or rather rememberd) and I feel like missing jigsaw pieces have been put back into place. The clarity it has given me is priceless.

Thank you so much to Leon Feasey of Inner Sight Therapies. Leon is a gentle , patient and very healing Soul who made me feel completely relaxed , safe and supported from start to finish. 
If anyone feels drawn to explore themselves in this way then I highly recommend Leon's services.


Without doubt the most magical and amazing experiences of my entire life to date.

I visited several past lives and the extraordinary Path of the steps we go through in between lives. I've had so many answers to so many things and problems that I've had and suffered with in this life now, things I'd buried and forgotten about from childhood. 
I currently do mediumship, and unexpectedly, met my guides, my soul group and a few loved ones. I'm actually blown away with what I've seen, heard and felt. 
I am currently waiting for my recorded sessions, and I intend to listen to it all back and start sketching.
I recommend anyone who has an interest in this area of hypnosis, to absolutely go for it. The knowledge, help and understanding has been phenomenal. Literally. 
I can't wait to have another session! 
Keep up the good work leon, you've completely helped me change my life for the better.


Incredible. I really felt locked behind a fence with certain things in my life and couldn't break through it. 
The therapy was so magical and vivid. 

There was a defiant release. 
Since the therapy I have be able to propel forward where I was once stuck. 
If you're thinking about giving it ago, please don't hesitate to try it. I'd defiantly recommend it.


Just like flicking a switch - you don't even realise straight away how effective Hypnosis has been, you think that you have been like that forever!!

Then someone points out the change in you, and you are like... Hmmm... Yeah. But the change has happened so naturally, from so deep within you, that you just feel like it has always been that way. Nice - No trauma, just lovely feelings of confidence in yourself and your choices. Great! Would recommend to anyone .


 Leon is caring, courageous, knowledgeable and very sensitive. Everything you could want in a therapist.

I highly recommend his services. As I've said in the one takes me higher! My very best wishes Leon and thanks for all the sessions you've done for me.



An unexpectedly powerful, yet simple, perspective on seemingly unresolvable problems that had been going round in my head endlessly for many months. A session with Leon helped me to cut through and identify the root cause of the problems I had been experiencing and a way forward to deal with them. Not necessarily an easy course of action, but a way forward that can now be tackled with greater understanding and confidence. Leon is extremely empathic, understanding and good at what he does. Over the last few years I have had three sessions with Leon and have always come away with peace of mind in understanding the path best for me, paths that with the benefit of hindsight, have been demonstrated to be the best option every time


Highly recommended,

from deep deep relaxation to discovering and releasing old problems in this life and also past lives.

Leon gently but persistently gets to the root and guides you to a deeper understanding. Brilliant!


I attended an inner-sight workshop last month and can’t believe what a difference it has made, not just to me but also my wife. Leon was able to remove 2 spirits that had attached themselves to me and has provided me with the tools and confidence to interact and help the energy that still resides in our property.


What I experienced was incredible and put yet another dimension to my life by immersing me into a past existence, revealing to me the boundless possibilities of the subconscious mind!

The session unblocked some negative thought patterns that were affecting my day to day living and helped me understand more about forgiveness and gratitude. I was surprised at how focused and relevant the healing was and have come away more giving of love and less susceptible to fear.

A true contributor to my overall wellbeing today, brimming with energy! Thank you Leon.


Sorry but I have to say


- from the  "Stop smoking" session to the explorations of past lives and between lives.

my gob has been well and truly smacked. I recommend this technique wholeheartedly both for healing and personal development.


“I was unsure what to expect at the Inner Child Workshop and felt really nervous going

 there. But Leon’s space is so cosy and welcoming. Leon made me feel at home straight away and I felt my anxiety dissolve.

For someone who’s had a fair amount of therapy and worked with my inner child I was surprised how much I’ve been missing with talking therapy. The workshop helped me connect with my inner child in a way I haven’t been able to before.

Simple, very well explained, exercises helped me achieve this and I felt the group setting added to my healing journey.

If you’re feeling unsure about whether to give this a go: I’d say “go for it!” It truly was a healing experience and I wish everyone could find Leon and his workshops”.


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