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       Past Life Regression Workshop

                  On Saturday the 16th October




Have you ever wondered who you were in your past lives?

Or what it is like to experience the journey home to the spirit world after you have died?

Or you are wondering what is the meaning of life, why are we here?



Our nostalgia of a bygone era can be from positive past life connections.

You may have had some challenging lives that have unresolved issues, which can be transformed and healed. You will also have had successful lives in which you were happy and confident, in which you achieved great things.


When connecting with these lives you will have the opportunity to let go of anything detrimental, as well as being able to benefit from your past achievements.


The energy clearing and transformation skills you will be learning are also beneficial to you in your current life.

Your transformational journeys will open you to the opportunity to enter the spirit realms at the end of a past life. Ther you can meet with your spirit guide, Loved ones and your Soul group or soul mates.

You will also have the opportunity to speak with the wise beings of light who will help you remember your intended life path. 




What to expect on the day 


- An interactive talk on hypnosis and how the subconscious mind works.

- An exercise of grounding and protection. 


- A short journey to a past life, followed by a discussion on the experience.

-Exercises and Lessons in transformation, energy healing and protection.


- Journey to a safe place to do chakra balancing, meeting your spirit guide, colour therapy and healing sound bath.


- An explanation of past lives and how they affect us.  

-Journey to a past life where you use your new skills to heal your past.


-A guided meditation to clear intrusive energy and attachments with the help of your spirit guides leading into a sound bath.


-An explanation of Life between lives and the soul's journey.

-journey to a past life and into the spirit realms at the end of that life.

Meet your spirit guide, soulmates, visit the wise beings of light and ask them questions .lern about the choices you made before reincarnation and joining with your body in the womb.


- Group discussion / Opportunity to share the experience or ask further questions after each journey.



I will also be accompanied by sound therapist Angie Latham, 

 to give you an extra depth to your healing journey.

Angie is fully qualified in Integral Sound Healing & Specialises in group meditation work. 


                  for more info click on Angie's website below.




 This one day workshop is £65, on Saturday the 10th of  October.

   Includes Tea & cake and is Approximately 8½ hours. There are only 6 places four each date.

           To book your place, you can click this link.

* Contraindications: Due to the strong vibrations of the gong and singing bowls this session is not suitable for ladies in the first trimester of pregnancy, people with electronic implants such as pacemakers and those suffering from epilepsy or acute mental illness. If in doubt please contact us.

Please note, If you take recreational drugs or are on medications such as antipsychotics, some anti-depressants or tranquillizers, please speak to me prior to booking.



ascending to the light

We would like to thank you both for a memorable day. Angie, you are a wonderful percussionist. You provided some very provocative soundscapes for our journeying with Leon. 

Leon’s knowledge and delivery enabled a lot of ground to be covered quickly allowing us to engage in immersive practical activities ranging through time and space!  Both Paul and l have never experienced anything like today’s workshop and we would definitely recommend this workshop unreservedly. 

We are currently decompressing, having both experienced lifetime regression and deep meditation.  


past life regression
      Soul Rescue & Release  workshop 
      The next soul Rescue workshop Dates:
Saturday  5th of September~  all places are now booked. 
More available dates to be confirmed soon...

  In this workshop, you will be learning the art clearing trapped energy and guiding lost souls to the light.

Getting a deeper understanding of earthbound spirits and energy.

When energy becomes trapped in places or people, the imbalances are often noticed and often misunderstood. The energies can be thought formes or more complicated forms of conscious energy. 

The journey of a soul can be difficult and confusing when the body dies. If it is sudden death, they may not realize that they have died or they may be in denial not wanting to accept it. Some may simply have too many heavy emotions that they have carried over from their life or from the circumstances of their death.

These are just some of the reasons spirits become earthbound.

They can become attached to a particular place as a ghost or to a person as a spirit attachment. Even if they have good intentions, it is detrimental to whom they become attached to.

Once it is established that there is  ''energy not belonging'' in some one's energy field or a spirit attachment, then the healing can begin for both.

These lost souls or trapped energies can be guided home to the portal of light. In this workshop, you will gain the confidence and knowledge to do this your self in a safe and healing way.

What to expect on the day

 - An interactive talk on hypnosis and how to access your subconscious 


- Exercises and talks on psychic protection and grounding,

spirit release therapy.

- Working with the chakra system, opening and closing and energy cleansing.

- Guided meditations to explore inner landscapes, meet your spirit guides and to clear unwonted energies.

- Pendulum dowsing for energy to identify energy not belonging. 

- Remote viewing and space clearing your home.

This workshop is approximately 7+ hours long, depending on the length of the group discussions.


This experiential workshop will be run at my therapy room in Weobley, for groups of 4, at £65 per person. 

To book your place on the workshop simply message me on,

The contacts page

Please note, If you take recreational drugs or are on medications such as antipsychotics, anti-depressants or tranquillizers, please speak to me prior to booking.







spirit going to the light
going to light.
spirit circle

    Inner Child Healing & Soul integration                                   Workshop
The workshop dates:- to be decided.

Some of the most powerful healing we can do is to reconnect with the lost parts of our self, reconnecting with our inner child so we can care for, protect and love the most vulnerable parts of our self.

The child within is the true essence of who we are as a human being, We can be creative, resourceful and joyous, we can be childlike at the right times, and totally free to enjoy life.

 It is the traumatic events that we experience as we go through our childhood that causes parts of us to become frozen in time,  stopping that part of us to develop beyond that age, This is the childish part that remains Within us, abandoned, lost and confused,  acting out, destructive behaviours or reactions that are dysfunctional or inappropriate.

When you free the inner child you also free the adult.

In this workshop of journeying and interactive exercises, you will be reconnecting with your authentic self, resolving experiences of your past to create self-acceptance, mindfulness and an emotional balance within.

This experiential workshop will be run in my therapy room in Weebly and at Zenith in Leominster, for groups of 4, at £60 per person. 

To book your place on the workshop simply message me on,

The contacts page

Please note, If you take recreational drugs or are on medications such as antipsychotics, anti-depressants or tranquillizers, please speak to me prior to booking.


Reconnecting with yourself 

inner child art.jpg

What should I bring? 

These are the zero gravity, reclining chairs that we have available for the bigger full-day workshops, Alternatively, you can bring your own roll mat and pillow, some people prefer to lay flat on the floor, This depends on the venue.


As with meditation, when in deep hypnosis your body temperature drops, so it is important to bring your own blanket, and wear comfortable, warm clothes.


 The chars are ideal four the larger groups and workshops.

Workshops & Group Sessions

- Past Life Regression
- Life between Lives Regression
- Connect with loved ones in spirit
- Clearing and balancing energy
- Inner Child Healing 
-Spiritual development circle
-Soul Rescue Group
- Healing circle
- Become a Non-smoker
- Deep Relaxation & Stress release
Soul Journeys

All workshops and group sessions can be booked for private groups, development circles and appropriate gatherings.