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      Session Prices
  • Sessions are £50 each hour.   

  • A session can focus on one approach, as listed below, or there may be a combination of approaches in one session or over a series of sessions.

  • Regression Therapy, & Past Life Regression Therapy:  Allow for 3 hours. £125.   

  • Past Life Regression, Journey for explorationAllow, over 1 and a half hours. £80. 

  • Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression: Allow for over 4 hours.   Deep trance, Past life regression and Between Life Regression.  £200. 

  • Inner Child Healing:  Allow for 3 hours. £125. 

  • Spirit Release Therapy:  Allow for 3 hours. £125.

  • Space clearing:  Negativ energy clearing for Billings and land: from  £150. 

  • Guided Journeys in Trance: to reconnect with loved ones in spirit and spirit guides:  Allow for over 1 hour.  £60.

  • Hypnotherapy: 1 hour. £50.

  • Talk Therapy & Psychotherapy:  In person, on Skype or by phone, 1 hour. £50. 


  • Skype Sessions

  •  Mini-online healing sessions are a combination of psychotherapy & hypnosis, focusing on what is needed at the time—one hour: £50.

  • Longer Skype Sessions are priced as listed above & Include a free 30-minute consultation.                                                                               

  • All payments are happily received by cash, Bank transfer, cheque or PayPal.

*Please be aware that Cancellations or postponements need to be made no later than 48 hours prior to the appointment, or you may incur a charge.


 Gift vouchers are also available

Therapy Sessions
Current Life Regression 

Our previous experiences are what shape who we are now. Although you may not consciously remember all of your life-shaping events, the subconscious mind has remembered, all the way back to birth, pre-birth and more. Troubling experiences of the past affect us in many ways, even if we have forgotten or suppressed them.

This often includes Inner Child Healing as well as current life regression, which may be needed so we can fully heal.


Working with your subconscious, I safely guide you to gain a deeper understanding needed so you can transform and resolve your past experiences, allowing you to be free from wot was troubling you. 



Bereavement and loss 


Losing a loved one can be one of the biggest challenges in life. It can bring up many very powerful emotions that are difficult to work through.

The grieving process is normal and healthy, it often starts with denial, anger and in some situations guilt. there can quite often be a time of sadness, depression and loneliness before, finally reaching acceptance.

Because the grieving process can be so difficult it is easy to get stuck in the emotions of it.

Bereavement therapy creates a Connection with your loved one to allow a Healing shift, Allowing you to move forward to that place of acceptance where you can focus more on the positive memories And feel comfortable thinking of your loved one.

Past Life Regression

Whether it is for exploration of your past, or as therapy, Past Life Regression is a deeply healing and fascinating journey. allowing you to gain a better understanding of who you are. 


Just as we are affected by previous events in our current life, good and bad, we can also be affected by our past lives. We have skills and wisdom, desire and nostalgia, all gained from these lives.  We may also have unfinished life lessons that need to be understood and completed. There are people from past lives that are in our current life, some are friends that support us and some are enemies that challenge us.


Some of the less positive events from our past lives can affect our current life greatly.

There can be unexplained physical pain in the body, phobias, emotional pain, over-sensitivity or limiting beliefs that can hold you back.


In regression, all this can be understood and resolved.

Relationships with the self and others can be forgiven, and there is a letting go of negative emotions of the past that have been affecting our current life. 

Then we can benefit from the knowledge and wisdom gained in that past life.  

past life regression
Life Between Lives

Re-experiencing your soul's memories is a profoundly deep and healing journey. 


In a deep trance, I guide you through a past life into the spirit realms where you can become your non-physical self to re-experience your Life between Lives. 


This is the time you spent in the spirit world, the place your soul calls home, it is where you came from before your physical birth into this life.


When you are there you can meet with your loved ones, soul mates, spirit guides and the wise beings of light who helped you to plan your current life. You can review your past life with your guides and understand how your past lives have shaped you. 

There are many different places we go to and activities we do in-between lives, depending upon our interests as a soul.


When you are with your guides, you may ask them the questions that are most meaningful to you and gain an understanding of who you are as a soul, why you chose this life and what you want to gain from the challenges your life gives you.

You can meet with your soul family - soul group to understand who they are in your current life, past lives and what you planned together pre-birth.  You can learn why you chose your body and your parents, giving you a deeper understanding of your challenges and pre-birth intentions for your current life.


Spirit Release Therapy

Spirit release therapy, also known as depossession is a liberating and often a moving experience. 

Energies that do not belong to you can be released and gently guided to a more suitable home. These energies can often be the consciousness of those that have gone through physical death and have not continued on to the spirit realm. They are often called earthbound spirits.

When they get trapped in our energy field, they are called spirit attachments. There can be many reasons why they have become earthbound, as well as why they become attached to us. When this is resolved, they are happy to continue on to their home in the light. once they have made this transition, they are free from that which held them.


Dark Energy is a term to describe, Demonic possession, curses, black magic, mischievous spirits or intrusive energy of a very low vibration.

These intrusive energies or attachments can be very detrimental to us causing many problems in life.

Even if an entity has good intentions, it can drain our energy and cause mood swings, or create the inability to think clearly. They can cause or increase anxiety, sadness, anger or depression as well as any other heavy feelings.

Some people may hear voices or have the feeling that they are being watched. It is also common for personality traits and bodily ailments of the entity to manifest to varying degrees. 

Insomnia, Irritability, Forgetfulness and mood swings or acting out of character are also comen symptoms of intrusive Energy.

Whether they are attached to you, your home or a place of work, the effects on your life can be similar. The releasement is healing for both you and the energy that has been trapped in this way. Often they do not realize that they are stuck or know how to change their situation.

When this is resolved, it is a relief for them and all who have been involved.

Inner Child Healing

We all have an inner child, and events in our everyday life can bring it to the surface.

If the child within is balanced and healthy, we can have fun, be creative and experience the world with wonder and joy.


When we are young, we have "developmental dependency needs" and if they are not met, we will be out of balance and easily wounded on an emotional level. When we get hurt in this way, it often occurs that a part of us gets stuck at the age when we were hurt. As adults the wounded child can be triggered and act out in a childish way, being emotionally imbalanced. 


Things like addictions, insecurity, paranoia and fear, anger or violence, sadness or depression, eating disorders, or relationship/trust issues are just some of the many effects that can come from a wounded inner child. This continues until the inner child can heal.


Healing this part of us is done most successfully in a trance state, because a lot of what has caused the damage may only be remembered through the subconscious mind. When those events are fully understood, we can heal the wounds and reintegrate the child within the adult,  re-balancing the emotions.  

inner child art.jpg

Hypnosis is a focused trance where the subconscious mind is open and receptive to new information which can then be integrated, and therefore change how we react and respond to the world around us.


The trance state is a natural and regularly occurring state of mind that we go in and out of throughout the day. For example; when driving a car, reading a book, watching TV, or when we are relaxed and daydreaming or meditating.


At times, we may go into a deeper trance where we are unaware of the here and now, where we may experience a distortion of time. Time spent in a daydream may fly by, while an accident may be experienced in slow motion.


We go into trance when we have intense emotions when we are shocked or frightened. What we experience in these trances shapes our behaviour and reactions to future events. This can work for us or against us.


Through a process of deep relaxation, I guide you into A hypnotic trance, which allows the subconscious mind to become receptive to new information that is beneficial.

You can become more confident, improve performance in many ways, or reduce stress or pain. You can also overcome insomnia or change eating habits to lose weight, and hypnosis is extremely good for giving you the ability to let go of old habits, like drinking too much or smoking.


We can do anything we put our minds to when we decide to make a positive change, it becomes much easier when we work with the subconscious mind.   

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